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Tess Velkovska 

Tess is a licenced mortgage agent at Verico Excel Mortgage Canada Connection in Cambridge, Ontario. Tess believes there is a bright future for home owners in Waterloo region and surrounding areas. Her main office is in Cambridge, Ontario but no matter where you live in Ontario, Tess is able to assist you. Tess has invested in an easy to use online application system that allows you to complete an application from the comfort of your own home! Clients that have a busy schedule or are out

of town love having this option. 

Tess prides herself on her mortgage expertise and her overall level of service. Tess knows the importance of a great mortgage agent and strives to offer excellent service to all of her clients. Being a mortgage agent is not just a job to Tess, it is an opportunity to help others and that is what motivates Tess the most. 

Tess can help with any of your residential mortgage needs. She has access to 40 mortgage lenders and does all of the mortgage shopping for you. She will educate you throughout the process and you will learn that there is more to a mortgage than just the interest rate.

Tess is very passionate about helping first time home buyers and building net worth through real estate. She also loves when she can
successfully help clients consolidate debt to improve cash flow and save on interest. 

Still reading? It sounds like you should give Tess a call! 





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