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Low Mortgage Rates - Rates are Dropping

Mortgage rates in Ontario have been continually decreasing over the last few months. This is great news for home buyers, but also clients that already have a mortgage. Most Canadians pay far too much interest on their mortgage because they do not have a mortgage brokerage on their side keeping them up to date with money saving options.

Most people do not realize that they can break their current mortgage term and switch to a new lender for a lower rate with little or no upfront costs (varies depending on the applicant and their current mortgage terms). I have saved clients thousands of dollars by switching for a lower rate.

Right now, while rates are low, is a great time to reach out to me to see if you qualify for a lower rate and substantial savings.

Don't delay, contact me today! Tess Arpa Excel Mortgage Mortgage Agent Excel Mortgage Canada Connection


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