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Why Did I Become a Mortgage Agent?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

1. I believe purchasing real estate in Canada is the best investment. We all need a roof over our head; so why not own and pay off your own mortgage rather than rent? Fun fact - I was approved for my first mortgage at 18 years old!

2. I love helping people. The part I enjoy about my job the most is not the number crunching; it's helping people achieve their dream of home ownership, investment, as well as helping home owners during hard times. Of course, I love saving my clients money as well!

3. A mortgage is usually a person's largest debt. I love educating my clients on their mortgage so they fully understand what they have signed. Since it is the largest debt, it should be fully transparent but often people have little knowledge on how they can be debt free sooner, or how they can leverage the equity in their home for their needs. Tess Velkovska Mortgage Agent Excel Mortgage Canada Connection 226 King St E Cambridge Ontario 519-820-2734


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